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There have been plenty of attacks against Jesus Christ and His resurrection. So, it has become necessary for Christian writers to rise to the task, refute all these contrary arguments and assure the resurrection of Christ is a historical fact. Br. Noel Daniel has been researching on this subject for the last five years and God helped him to publish a significant study book in Malayalam “Kristhu Uyirthezhunettuvo?” (Did Christ Rise from The Dead?). In the massive volume of his book, Noel has provided historical, archeological, sociological and psychological evidences and many convincing proofs to corroborate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, refuting all philosophical and naturalistic views against it. For a decade, many have been feeling the need for such a book in the Malayalam language, and it is now here. Certainly this will be an eye opener to many atheists and agnostics. This book was released in the FIBA conference at Dallas. In India, copies are available at GLS book stores and in USA, you may contact the author Noel Daniel at 405-621-0009 or Email:


Balak the king sought to hire the gentile prophet Balaam to curse the Israel. Though a heathen prophet, Balaam seems to have had some knowledge of the true God. Balaam’s way, Balaam’s deceit and Balaam’s doctrine are warning to the believers today.
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Head Covering – A local custom or a universal theological principle?
Head covering for women is considered as a custom in many countries and religions all over the world for centuries, even before Christianity. It has been worn for various reasons such as social, religious and traditional practices.

This book is written to prove that it is not an outmoded custom, but a universal theological principle.


The Lord has given only two ordinances for the church to observe—Lord's Supper and Baptism. This an in-depth study book on Lord’s Supper and Worship Attached is the cover page of Worship & Lord's supper.

This book explains Believer’s baptism and the false doctrine of Infant baptism connected with original sin.

George Muller had only two shillings (50 cents) in his pocket when he started the orphanage; but in answer to prayer and without making his needs known to human beings, he received the means necessary to erect the great buildings and to feed the thousands of orphans day by day for sixty years.


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